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1mm Red Tape is HERE!

eTech Parts is thrilled to announce the long-requested 1mm Red Tape is finally here! The Community’s response to Red Tape has been amazing — just search #RedTape on Instagram and you’ll see just how much the Repair Community LOVES #RedTape premium adhesive!



@ushatterirepair: @etech_parts carries #redtape #entertowinredtape


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The crowd has spoken… Red Tape Premium Adhesive is the only way to go! While there are several pink imposters on the market today, none can match the holding power of this original Red Tape Premium Adhesive! Red Tape from eTech Parts is hands-down the strongest adhesive on the market today — get your Red Tape from eTech Parts for all your repair needs. Log in to see wholesale pricing.


Red Tape Premium Adhesive is available in the following sizes:


Let us know what you think of #RedTape! Show us all the cool ways you use #RedTape on Twitter or Instagram and tag us in your post. We check up on it regularly and sometimes we like to surprise our favorites with free samples! Use #RedTape in your post and tag @etech_parts for your chance to try some of the famous Red Tape Adhesive for free!

Prodigee : For the Genius Generation

Over the past three years at eTech Parts, we’ve searched the globe for innovative, stylish, and profitable accessory brands to offer to our Repair Community. Quality is a top priority for eTech Parts and therefore plays an integral role in choosing and promoting accessory brands. Similar to our partnership with Spigen, we wanted to find a brand that we believed in; after all, there’s nothing better than offering a product that excites and inspires everyone around you. That’s why the crew at eTech Parts is thrilled to announce we’ve found the perfect partner in California-based accessory brand Prodigee!




Prodigee’s goal is to create accessories that not only provide protection, but offer ergonomics, functionality and today’s latest design trends and colors. The Prodigee wallet case, Wallegee+ is already a crowd favorite with employees here at eTech Parts. Nick is obsessed with his sleek Journal case and won’t take his iPad Mini Retina anywhere without it. Linda absolutely loves the shiny new Sparkle Fusion case for her iPhone 4s and refuses to take it off (we tried). Offering a new accessory brand is always fun for employees because we get to try out all the cool new products – but more importantly it’s the best way to tell if a brand will stick. It’s important for us to offer brands we feel proud representing and we have a feeling Prodigee is here to stay.


Prodigee : For the Genius Generation


We’re excited to offer several different styles of Prodigee cases for all the most popular devices on the market. We’re so excited that we’re giving away FIVE Prodigee cases to five lucky winners next week! Head over to our Facebook page for more GIVEAWAY details – and GOOD LUCK!



Check out our selections below and be sure to log in to see your wholesale pricing!



These uniquely designed cases blend vibrant shades with fashionable styles to deliver originality to the palm of your hand! This dual-layered case combines the impact-absorbing protection of a silicone core with the soft touch of a smooth satin exterior finish. The Artee offers the exceptional quality and protection that continues to distinguish Prodigee accessories. Available for the iPhone 5/5s.






Sleek Slider


The 2-piece Sleek Slider is a case that feels great in your hands. With the easy-to-install design, micro-fiber interior and a wide variety of colors, it’s no wonder why this case is a crowd favorite! For added protection, use your favorite brand screen protector or use the anti-glare screen protector included with the Sleek Slider case. Available for the iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, iPod Touch 4/5, and Galaxy Note 3.




Sleek Slider Cases for iPhone 4/4s


Sleek Slider Cases for iPhone 5/5s


Sleek Slider Cases for iPod Touch 4/5


Sleek Slider Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 3





A slim and protective design combined with eye-catching colors — what’s not to like about the Neo? Turn heads and become the center of attention with these loud, lively, and colorful cases! Available for the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5/5s.


550_3540_0173-Edit copy






Keep up the sophistication with a little lace! Mobile devices today are more sophisticated and sleek than ever before – and the Lace line by Prodigee showcases these features with its slim dual-layer interior and lacey exterior design. Available for the iPhone 5/5s.


550_3581_0077-Edit copy






This case means business! The Network case is made from a solid sheet of perforated stainless steel and lined with high-density shock-absorbent rubber that gives the phone the highest level of protection from accidental bumps and scratches. Available for the iPhone 5/5s.


550_3520_0064-Edit copy




Sparkle Fusion


Sparkles?! Here at eTech Parts we LOVE sparkles — making the Sparkle Fusion line from Prodigee an instant hit with the eTech ladies! These glamorous cases accent your already awesome device to make it look even awesome-r. The 2-piece slide design makes installing a breeze and the soft micro-fiber interior helps prevent scratches to keep your phone in tip-top shape. Add a little bling with Sparkle Fusion by Prodigee. Available for the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5/5s.








This elegant case offers dual protection along with practical functionality. Featuring 2 cases in one package – a slim, lightweight case that can remain on the phone at all times and a sleek folio wallet. Smoothly attach the phone in its slim, lightweight case to the folio/wallet and it becomes an all-in-one carrier with room for your cash, ID, and credit cards. I’ve personally used the black Wallegee+ case for over a month and I’m astonished by the high-quality material and design – and the ability its given me to organize my life with ease. This case is a must-have for the mobile generation! Available for the iPhone 5/5s.


550_3511_0112-Edit copy






View by Prodigee allows you to enjoy the style and sophistication intended for your mobile device with a slim, see-through, dual layer design, while still offering the exceptional quality and protection that you expect for a life on the go! Available for the iPhone 5/5s.


550_3550_0040-Edit copy






Stripes aren’t just for zebras anymore! Stripes by Prodigee is a line of cases available in a large variety of color combinations. With its easy-to-install and slim, protective design, you can’t go wrong with this case. Available for the iPhone 5/5s.








Brighten up your favorite device with Sneaker by Prodigee! These colorful and fun new combinations give a fresh, exciting look and brand new feel to your mobile phone. This dual-layer case offers the exceptional quality and protection that you will come to expect from Prodigee. Available for the iPhone 5/5s.


550_3533 copy-2






Innovative. Unique. Stylish. These are just a few words that come to mind when you put your hands on the Origami case. The folding front cover can be manipulated into different display stands and the soft microsuede interior protects the screen from scratches. Have fun showing off your new Origami case to your friends. Available for the iPad 2/3/4.


550_3820_0088-Edit copy






All the protection you need without any of the bulk! These sleek cases provide quality protection without adding the bulkiness of thick, heavy plastic and rubber. With 3 different viewing angles and an exterior strap for holding, this case is very versatile. Keep your device light and protected with a Blazer case by Prodigee. Available for iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air and iPad Mini/iPad Mini Retina.


550_3803_0375-Edit copy






Organize your life in style and sophistication with the Journal for iPad Air and iPad Mini. With multiple pockets for papers, cards and a zip-up enclosure, this case can hold everything you need for a business day in one simple, single package. The kickstand and hand strap make it super easy to use – and easy to show off, too! Available for iPad Air and iPad Mini/iPad Mini Retina.





Prodigee Giveaway – Enter to Win!


Each day this week we’ll be giving away FIVE brand new Prodigee cases to five lucky winners! Be sure to check our Facebook page every day at 10am CST for the GIVEAWAY post of the day; winners will be announced within 24 hours of the original post. This Prodigee giveaway contest begins Monday, April 21st and ends Friday, April 25th.


eTech Parts is proud to offer Prodigee brand accessories at wholesale prices. For more information on Prodigee brand products check out their website or contact us – and be sure to stay tuned for more from eTech Parts!

Approaching Corporate Customers

Approaching large clients such as corporations or school districts for the first time can be a daunting experience for any business owner. But with some preparation, a set plan, and proper business etiquette you will be well on your way to reeling in the big fish clientele you want. Thanks to Neil on Facebook for this great blog suggestion — we hope this helps, Neil!



Approaching Corporate Customers

We spoke with Miguel Brito of Spa City iRepair, a business owner who has been extremely successful in approaching and landing large corporate accounts and school district clients. He gave us some pointers and helpful hints he’s learned about the process along the way.





1) Research


Do your research! Every client big and small wants you to understand their business, so find out everything you can about the company or school district you plan on approaching. Know their mission statement, their company values, how many devices they currently have in circulation, and what their current repair process is. These are important pieces of information to know when planning and personalizing your presentation/sales pitch to the client. It also shows them you’ve done your homework, that you understand their goals and that you care about their success as well as your own.



2) Planning


Planning is key when it comes to approaching large clients or school districts. It’s important you find the correct person to speak to and plan to meet with them, preferably face-to-face. I asked Miguel how he went about approaching his first school district client: “All I had to do was go to a local school district and ask for a meeting with the Director of Technology. After the meeting was arranged, I introduced myself to him and asked to learn more about their current process when it comes to broken iPads and iMacs.” After learning more about the rigamarole that specific school district went through to have their iPads repaired, he put them on paper. “Corporate clients like to see things on paper with projection of results.”

Convincing clients they need your services can often be as simple as putting the numbers where they can see them. Simply putting the numbers on paper and comparing their current state of business to the deal you’re offering them can be all the convincing they need.

To convince them further, Miguel offered his large clients a 15% Multi-Repair discount on invoices of 10 or more devices. Having plans already set to share with the client is an important part of the pitch and shows them you’re fully prepared and ready to take on their business.

Offering to perform repairs on-site or even offering to be their “on-call” technician can also help convince clients who are currently working with mail-in repair centers or long turn-around times. Corporate clients are busy and often have important, time-sensitive information on their devices; these clients usually require (or prefer) quicker turn-around times. Offer whatever you can to make it as easy as possible for the client to get their devices fixed.



3) Presentation


According to Miguel, presentation is the most important part of acquiring corporate clients. “Personality and appearance are key when it comes to speaking with corporate clients. They will not take you seriously if you show up unshaven, dressed in a worn-down t-shirt and flip flops.” No matter what field you’re in, professionalism in dress and the way you present yourself is the most important part of making a good first impression to prospective clients. Present yourself and your business as a trustworthy resource for fixing their broken devices. Remember: you’re offering them a solution to their problem.

Research and plan your presentation well so you can deliver it with ease and confidence. This means having a strong grasp of the figures and costs associated with your proposal so you can back it up with facts should they ask questions. Be confident in your delivery and personable in your approach and when all else fails, fake it ’til you make it. Act like one of the big guys and don’t downplay your talents or success; be confident in your proposal and they will be, too.

Many technicians even offer to fix a device or two for free as a sample of their work. While you might see it as working for free, think of it more as aiding in your long term success. Building relationships is important when it comes to winning over corporate clients; the client will appreciate your effort and if your work is impeccable, they have no reason to say no!




We asked Miguel how much of his business at Spa City iRepair is now comprised of corporate clients and school districts. “I would have to say at least 35% of our business is now comprised of corporate clients — and because of our recognition with these corporate clients, our general clientele has increased considerably.” In addition to a more steady stream of revenue and larger orders, added credibility to your repair shop is another benefit to servicing and adding large corporate accounts to your client list. While repairing dozens of devices at a time might seem overwhelming at first, that client could easily become a large contributor to your business.


If you’re planning on approaching a large corporate or school district customer for the first time, we wish you luck in your endeavors and hope we could offer some helpful tips. Thanks to Miguel from Spa City iRepair for contributing his helpful insights and past experience to this article! Do you have any good advice to offer the Repair Community? What works best for you when approaching large clients? Let us know in the comments below!

iPhone 5/5s/5c and iPad Air Logic Board Failures

At eTech Parts we offer free tech support to customers during normal business hours, which allows our wholesale customers to utilize our industry knowledge and technical know-how. David is our in-house technician and when he hears certain issues becoming recurring problems, such as the iPad Mini Ghosting issue, we’ll write a blog or release a troubleshooting video to spread awareness to the Repair Community.

Starting a few weeks ago David began receiving numerous calls from customers who were encountering component failures while repairing the iPhone 5/5s/5c and iPad Air – there was no specific reoccurring failure, sometimes it was the backlight coil, other times it was an unknown logic board component. After going through the basic troubleshooting steps, trying different screens and replacing several other components, there was still nothing we could suggest that would resolve our customers’ issues.



Image courtesy of


Unfortunately at that point, there’s a chance something on the logic board has been damaged that requires more than a simple part swap. Some customers even speculated about a feature of iOS which essentially causes the device to “hibernate” instead of shutting down when “Powered Off.” That is until the battery is fully removed – spelling trouble for technicians who don’t unplug the battery prior to performing a repair. This greatly improves boot up time, however the consequence is damage during repair when the battery remains plugged in. You should always remove the battery prior to repairing a device.


After hours of research and speculation, we called our friend Ally Kazmucha of iMore and asked if she knew anything about the issue. She verified this specific feature of iOS, which is designed to increase boot speed by putting the device into a “hibernation mode” instead of a full shutdown. This means some components could still be receiving power from the battery even though the device appears to be fully shut down. She warns technicians against repairing any component while the battery is still connected to the logic board.


Failing to remove the battery from the logic board prior to a repair can result in electrical overload damage. This damage may not occur, it may effect only one minor component, or it can cause catastrophic damage. Our advice is, “Don’t risk it, unplug it!”


Thanks for reading and be sure to let us know if you’ve encountered this problem and how you fixed it. Do you take extra precautions during repairs to make sure no electrical damage is done to the logic board? Let us know in the comments below, as always we love hearing from you! Thanks for reading and if you haven’t already liked our Facebook page, what are you waiting for?! Join the Repair Community and let your voice be heard!

New! MacBook Air LCD Screens

MacBook Air LCD replacement can be a very lucrative repair for those in the repair industry. Though replacing the LCD on a MacBook Air is an extremely difficult repair that should only be attempted by highly trained and qualified technicians, we know some of you out there are capable of learning this repair. MacBook Air LCDs are reasonably priced and repair shop owners are charging hundreds of dollars for the repair. Many Mac repair shop owners currently charge up to $400 for the fix. For those of you highly trained technicians who don’t currently offer the repair, but can watch MacBook Air repair videos on YouTube without flinching, maybe it’s time to learn how to repair MacBook Air LCDs!


3.2 Sliderno button


LCDs are now available from eTech Parts for the 13” MacBook Air A1369 and 13″ MacBook Air A1466 (2010-13), and the 11” MacBook Air A1370 (2010-11). Repairing a MacBook Air LCD is no simple screen swap but with patience and a LOT of practice, this repair can be a lucrative addition to your repair services.


Beginners and DIY-ers beware! We’ll say it again: this repair should only be attempted by highly trained and qualified technicians. Watch the YouTube videos, read the repair guides, do your research and practice prior to attempting this repair on a customer’s device!



Here are the tools you need to replace a MacBook Air LCD:


  • A heat source to loosen adhesive (we use a heat gun)


WARNING: be extra careful not to bend, melt or damage the bezel as replacements are not readily available. This bezel is marked with the Apple trademarked “MacBook Air” and any sale or purchase of them is strictly against copyright laws.


Good luck and let us know how it goes! If your repair shop already replaces MacBook Air LCDs, has it been a worthwhile addition to your business? How much do you charge for the repairs? We’d love to hear from you so let us know in the comments below! Be sure to LIKE our Facebook page to stay in the loop with the Repair Community and join the conversation.

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