OEM – What does it mean?

Original, OEM, copy, half-copy, high-copy, used, aftermarket, Grade A, Grade B, Quality A, Quality B, premium, … the list of adjectives to describe replacement parts is endless.

Since Apple does not sell replacement parts directly to the general public to fix their idevices, eTech Parts has international buyers who only purchase the highest quality parts to ensure your iPhone, iPad or iPod works the way it was intended.

We personally use the term OEM to describe our parts. We identify them as such on our website and define OEM as follows: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), a firm that manufactures components or parts included in the finished product made by another.

An example will best illustrate this definition – Sharp Corporation and LG Display Co., Ltd. have factories that produce the iPhone 4 LCD assemblies with the same specs as your iPhone 4 retina display. These two factories build quality A LCDs which are the same as the original, and a high-copy LCD they call quality B. These are very different and easily identifiable by the trained eye, but they are often sold as the same product to the unknowing consumer. In this case the difference is that quality B simply has a dimmer screen when powered on – blacks are greyish rather than deep black. But there are physical differences as well which help our experts determine the quality without having to turn the screens on.

The same can be said about glass, frames, buttons, cables, and other components necessary for the complete screen assembly. This process is similar to purchasing Bosch spark plugs for your vehicle, say a VW Routan, which are not directly made by Volkswagen but made for them. You can replace most of the components on your car with OEM parts of varying quality.

Now, buying the right components is only the first part of this challenge. Assembling the parts correctly is the second part. Once all the components are purchased they are then taken to a factory which assembles them to eventually fit your iPhone perfectly. We use iBic to assemble some of our products so we can deliver a final product as close to OEM as possible. This factory is simply the best at what they do. There are a few others we deal with as well. They can claim OEM quality since the components are derived from the original sources. Pricing can vary depending on quality control methods, gluing processes used, technical skills, and so on.

At eTech Parts our buyers are constantly ensuring that we only receive Grade A quality OEM parts that are assembled with the greatest of care. Our customer base is grateful as they depend on us to do this arduous task for them.

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about 5 years ago

I have been doing iPhone repair for a couple years, and from my experience etechparts has had the most consistent quality in parts that I have found. Sourcing quality parts is tough. Having a supplier with good parts one week, then bad quality products the next gets old quick. Having parts arrive DOA or dont hold up after normal use takes time and money to resolve. Or buying in bulk blindly, only to find that they are all "C" quality! Spend more time growing the business and taking care of clients, and let etechparts worry about the sourcing. Etechparts makes it easy to get high quality parts at a reasonable price. I would recommend them any day.

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