Surprise! Today the Samsung Galaxy S3 was named the world’s best-selling smartphone of last quarter, as reported by research firm Strategy Analytics. This news came as a surprise to some, as the Apple iPhone has dominated the smartphone industry for years. However, once you consider the timing of the sales quarter and compare release dates of the Galaxy to the iPhone 5, it makes sense.

Samsung released the Galaxy S3 in May, giving them a four month lead on Apple’s iPhone 5 September release. With third-quarter sales dating from July to September, this proved to be good planning on Samsung’s part. Also taking into account the fact that Apple sales typically go down before their release of new product, it’s no surprise that sales of the Galaxy S3 hit 30 million in five months.

This success for Samsung may be sweet, but it will most likely be short lived. According to Reuters and analyst Neil Mawston, though “…Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has proven wildly popular with consumers and operators across North America, Europe, and Asia,” he added that the iPhone 5 would likely redeem the top spot for the current sales quarter. No surprise there.

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