You have probably seen the Spigen SGP line of accessories growing on our site. We started a relationship with the South Korean based manufacturer in the early part of last year, focusing on their GLAS series. The innovative tempered glass screen protectors won over our customers and employees alike. Confident with the movement, we started to carry bumpers, and then cases. The designs they are currently producing cut through the mundane world of iPhone cases, utilizing new color shades and metallic textures. We truly feel they are the next big thing, and we are seeing a lot of repair shops having success with their product lines. There is not another brand on the market putting such strong detail into their retail packaging and that is a big part of what we look for in accessories. You should be too.

Having the opportunity to work direct with Spigen SGP has been a great experience. We have spoke in length about developing marketing and promotional product that will help our brick and mortar shops bring awareness to the product and increase sales. If you have any ideas that would help you in your store, please let me know. This is where the relationship has been most beneficial, they want to learn about our repair community and having that open line of communication will bring about some exciting ideas in the near future. Already this level of direct contact has rewarded us with wider margins for our customers, compare your wholesale cost versus the retail price if you haven’t recently. We are happy that we are one of just a handful of distributors for their beautiful and inventive products, and hopefully that will bring some exclusivity to your shop. While your customers may be on the hunt for the big brands, Spigen SGP is not far behind the pack, and your customers will always remember you were the place that had it first.

I was out in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago spending time in their U.S. based office, sharing information and brainstorming ideas. The people of Spigen SGP were are inviting as their products, each with open ears to our ideas and thoughts on the future. They had already won me over back when I first saw the GLAS.t for the iPhone 4/4S, but the Korean BBQ meal they treated to me sealed the deal.

On your next order, purchase one of the Spigen SGP Aluminum Home Button sets for the iPhone and iPad. I will give you a zero questions asked money-back guarantee on them. If they don’t sell, return them in the original packaging for refund or credit. It is easily the fastest moving accessory in the warehouse, and a great introduction to the Spigen SGP level of quality and retail packaging. You will become an instant fan of this quickly emerging brand.

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