Know Your Customers

Any entrepreneur who hopes to be successful in his or her business must have a solid grasp of who their customer is and what their customer needs. Any business can increase sales by up to 50% simply by nurturing, retaining, and maintaining current business relationships. Outstanding customer service and the willingness to go above and beyond are two things that business owners should always strive for, but having a close personal relationship with your customer can make an even bigger impact on your business.

Recently at eTech Parts we put on a fun contest for our employees: match the customer’s face with the name! We snagged pictures from active members of our Facebook community, created a poster including each picture and asked our employees to guess which customer is which. We did this as an example to show our employees the importance of knowing your customers on a more intimate level – past a name and a dollar amount.


Knowing and understanding your customer base is one of the first steps to a closer and more personal relationship with the most important person in your business –your customer. Who are you selling to?

For example, eTech Parts has a very clear demographic: US-based repair shop owners and technicians who are mostly male, with over half operating mobile repair services.

This makes it much easier for us to help our customers because we understand what they need, why they need it and how we can provide it to them. It also helps us with marketing and social media because we know our target audience. Having a basic understanding of your customers as a whole is the first step to having a closer personal relationship with your customers.

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