At eTech Parts we work hard every day to make the lives of our customers easier – especially when it comes to repair parts and the tools necessary for the job. That’s why we’ve ramped up our selection of tools across the board!


Tools for Glass Only Repairs

Heating Station – Save time when repairing a broken tablet screen. Place your tablet faced down on the station, allow the station to heat up, then easily remove the broken glass screen from the tablet. This tool is a must-have for any repair shop doing glass only repairs.

Molybdenum Wire – Offered in two sizes, Molybdenum Wire 0.14mm and Molybdenum 0.18mm, this heat-resistant wire aids in the process of the glass and LCD separation.

Digital Laser Gun Infrared Thermometer – This precise, non-contact IR thermometer is safe and easy to use for all of your hottest repairs, and allows you to pinpoint the exact temperature of any specific area of the glass being removed.

Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive – Liquid optically-clear adhesive, or LOCA, is a liquid-based bonding technology used for touch panels and display devices, and is essential for glass-only repairs.


Tools for Static Control

Anti-Static Mat – Every repair technician should have some kind of anti-static tool to discharge electric static, and this mat does a good job of doing just that.

Anti-Static Brush – This anti-static brush removes any existing static and is particularly useful when cleaning sensitive glass and LCD surfaces.

Anti-Static Rubber Finger Cots – These little rubber finger cots reduce static and makes cleaning LCDs easier on the hands.

Anti-Static Carbon Fiber Gloves – If anti-static finger cots aren’t your style, you can opt for these washable anti-static carbon fiber gloves instead!

Anti-Static Wrist Strap – When doing soldering work, an anti-static wrist strap is essential. This static-controlling wrist strap is the perfect option when soldering small electronic pieces.


New Screwdrivers and Tool Kits

14-in-1 Tool Kit for iPhone and iPad Repair – Mobile techs rejoice! This tool kit includes 14 interchangeable heads to use for iPhone and iPad repair.

22-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set – Another one for the mobile techs out there, this screwdriver set includes 22 interchangeable heads and an extendable handle. This set also includes a Pentalobe head to be used for iPhone repair.

12-in-1 Portable Precision Screwdrivers – Specially designed for mobile device repairs, this screwdriver comes with 12 interchangeable heads – including a Pentalobe!

Pentalobe Screwdriver with Replaceable Head – This screwdriver allows you to replace the Pentalobe head once worn after use.

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New Adhesive

Optical Clear Adhesive Film – OCA is the only type of adhesive that will properly and securely adhere the glass to the LCD during glass only repairs. We offer optical clear adhesive for the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy S4 in single packs, packs of 5 and packs of 10.

High-temperature Resistant Tape – This temperature resistant adhesive for MacBook repair is available in the following sizes: 5mm X 30m, 6mm X 30m, 8mm X 30m, and 10mm X 30m.


Handy Tools for Every Technician

Magnetic Project Mat – For those technicians who need a little help keeping track of everything, this project mat is the perfect option for holding screws and parts in place!

ScrewGrab – Stripped screws getting you down? Just a single dab of ScrewGrab on any stripped screw will virtually eliminate tool wear and the stripping, rounding, or deforming of fasteners.

The Unauthorized Guide to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Repair – This DIY guide to iDevice repair, written by Tim Warner, is an excellent addition to any technician’s tool kit. This guide takes an in-depth look into the world of iDevice repair and the tools necessary to succeed.

Universal Power Bank – Perfect for the mobile technician looking to keep their personal and customer devices charged, this power station boasts 15000mAh and can charge up to two devices at a time.

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