eTech Parts is known for outstanding service and quality replacement parts. We have high expectations for our suppliers and for the work we do to help the Repair Community flourish. This expectation of excellence keeps our standards high, which is the reason we choose only to partner with the best of the best.


Spigen – Spigen is climbing to the top of the accessory chain at an alarming rate. They are consistently listed on Top Accessory lists all over the Internet and the reason is obvious. Spigen’s stylish and sleek cases offer protection without any of the bulk – and the packaging is exceptional as well. Spigen is the perfect brand for repair shops to market to customers looking for stylish accessories that enhance their Smartphone experience. eTech Parts is proud to be the sole Spigen distributor in the US. Spigen: it’s something you want.

ScrewMat – A ScrewMat™ is one of the best tools a repair technician can have, especially those who are new to the business. Since 2010 ScrewMat has set out to “revolutionize, organize, educate, and make cellular phone repairs more efficient.” In three years they’ve done just that, and with their product patented by the USPTO you can be sure the ScrewMatTM you use is the real deal. Get organized, get focused, get ScrewMatTM

Wiha – If you’re looking for high quality tools that withstand the test of time, Wiha Tools are your best bet. These German-made tools are of the highest quality and each tool comes with a Lifetime Guarantee! The high performance blades and tips of each Wiha tool are specially created for an exact fit, and the hard chrome finish prevents slipping. Wiha tools are a favorite among our wholesale customers for their superior quality and long-lasting results.

iBic – It stands for Best In Class, and that’s what you can always expect when purchasing iBic parts from eTech Parts. The iBicbrand of parts comes from the highest quality supplier of repair parts in the world. iBic parts are created with more thorough and sophisticated quality control, higher quality components and higher quality assembly. iBic parts are available for the iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4/4S, and the iPad 2 and iPad 3. Learn more about iBic here.

iFixit – With their high quality tools and excellent online repair guides, iFixit has forged the path for DIY repairers all around the world. They fight to free consumers from the cycle of controlled obsolescence to educate consumers and keep non-renewable resources out of landfills. We are proud to offer wholesale iFixit tools to our Repair Community.

If you’re interested in partnering with eTech Parts and would like to work with us to distribute your products, drop us a line! We’re always looking for quality partners with quality products to promote and distribute. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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