Survey Sneak Preview

The results are in! Our most recent eTech Parts Dealer Survey was a great success that gave us tons of insight into what our Repair Community does to increase business. In this age of technology we assumed business owners would put most their time and resources into promoting business online as opposed to offline promotions. While we were correct, we were surprised to see the numbers so close; 60% of respondents said they spend most their time on online promotions, and 40% of respondents spend most their time on offline promotions.


Of those who promote their business ONLINE, 80% of respondents utilize a Facebook page for their business. Craigslist is another popular venue for advertising, with 46% of respondents using it to promote repairs and refurbished units for sale. Paid advertising is another top option for repair businesses, with 30% of respondents utilizing the paid service. And of those 40% who continue to promote their business OFFLINE, print advertising is the choice of the majority.


So our question is, how can we best educate our Repair Community to help them grow their businesses? Both online and offline promotions that are done right can increase the growth of business, and many of these promotions can be done for little to no cost at all! Our goal in the coming months is to help our customers understand the dos, the don’ts, and the “wouldn’ts if we were you” to know the best practices of promoting business through online mediums such as Craigslist, social media platforms, and newsletters. And for those of you still into good ol’ fashioned promotions, we will also touch on offline advertising and promotions to best utilize them for your business. eTech Parts is proud to be your parts supplier, though we prefer “business partner.”

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