Screwdrivers, spudgers, tweezers and iSesamos; tools are an important part of every repair technician’s job. We know technicians love their tools, so we asked members of our Repair Community as well as some local technicians what tools they favored over others. There are some clear fan favorites here, check out what everybody had to say!

Codey from FavGeek in Decatur, AL favors a set of tweezers that he uses on every iPhone, iPad and iPod he repairs. “They are my favorites, I don’t allow them off my desk! A good pair of tweezers can make or break a repair for you. I use a 45-degree angle pair I got from a dollar store.” What a bargain!


Apparently everyone loves the iSesamo

iSesamo 1

iSesamo 2

iSesamo 4

…along with tweezers of course.

iSesamo 3

iSesamo 5

But the magic of the iSesamo goes far beyond iPhone repair…

iSesamo 6

Wiha for life(time warranty)!

Wiha screwdriver

We couldn’t agree more.

22-in-1 set

Razzzers do come in handy quite often.


With a setup like this, there’s no need to worry about competition!


We also asked some local technicians and people around the office which tools they preferred over all others. Here’s what they had to say!

Chance from KC Tool works with high-quality German made tools all day, which makes picking favorites pretty difficult. “The Wiha 32800 is a really cool item, a rolling tool case that has all the quality made, essential tools inside. It’s probably my favorite item from Wiha that we have in-store.”



David is our on-site technical guru here at eTech Parts, and he is a fan of Wiha Precision screwdrivers. His favorite is the Wiha Precision #00 Phillips Screwdriver which is the one he utilizes the most out of his Wiha 50 Piece Master Technicians Tool Rack.

26100-2Jeff, the General Manager of eTech Parts says if he could only choose one, it would be this Leatherman Multitool contraption because it includes several tools all in one. Smart thinking, Jeff!


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