eTech Parts is Going to Vegas!

Talk about starting the new year off right… eTech Parts is excited to announce that some of the members of our crew will be attending International CES 2014 this January! Three of us lucky guys and gals will be heading to Vegas in less than three weeks to attend the 3-day consumer electronics trade show. Needless to say we’re absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to go to the show, meet with current and future vendors, and meet up with some of our wonderful customers as well! We’ll be there for three days and unfortunately we won’t have a booth, but this allows us to be more mobile and see more people and gadgets.




Are you attending CES 2014? If so we would love the chance to meet up with you and chat. Contact us via email (marketing@etechpartsdotcom), Facebook, Twitter, call us, or comment below and we can talk more about the show, what we’ll be doing there and if you’d like we can set up a time to meet and chat!

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