We’re stocked up for Chinese New Year…Are You?

That’s right – Chinese New Year is in full swing and eTech Parts is stocked and ready. If you need parts for iPhones, parts for iPads, or other Smartphone repair parts you’ve come to the right place!

During Chinese New Year, factories shut down and overseas suppliers stop shipping product – leaving US suppliers and repair shops to fend for themselves until factories are back up and running. While many US suppliers carry a small stock of product and aren’t able to keep up with the demand…those US suppliers aren’t eTech Parts.


Lucky knot for Chinese new year greeting


We’ve been preparing for months and with more stock on our shelves now than ever before, we think it’s safe to say we got this under control. When you deal with experts, you should only expect the best!


While many might cringe at the thought of Chinese New Year, eTech Parts looks forward to it! We’ve learned from past years the difficulties and issues that come up before, during, and after CNY. Linda has been with eTech Parts from the very beginning and plays a pivotal role in quality control and product handling – making her no stranger to CNY. “Preparing for Chinese New Year at eTech Parts is a challenge every year, but practice makes perfect! For 2014 we are well-stocked with thousands of parts, enabling us to meet the needs of all our customers.”


So let us know if you need any repair parts for iPhones, iPads, or iPods – you can sign up for a wholesale account if you don’t already have one and check out our bulk purchasing options, too!


Like us on Facebook to join the Repair Community! You can also find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. Stay tuned for more industry news and updates from eTech Parts!

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